Bio Box is a modular system made to cover and hide the trash bins in your yard, thanks to its fragrance disposer and its rich steel finish it reorganizes and covers up the unpleasant waste area. 


The idea has encountered the interest of apartment blocks as they really feel the problem of an untidy and messy common recycling area but it can be used in many places

It is built in individual modular units, every each of them can contain either the classic wheeled trash bins or the plastic bag. 


It allows a better architectural infill thanks to it's multiple finish choice of our weather resistant WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) 


The single modules can be combined in different configurations, they can be lined up one beside the other against a wall or assembled from their backs to create an ecological island.

On the front there's an essence diffuser, included to cover up the unpleasant odors.


    Bio-Box is way cleaner than your old trash bins, it's though and it breathes!



-Seaside facilities 


             everywhere you need order and reorganization







- made in 3 models SMALL - MEDIUM - LARGE 

- galvanized steel structure with polyurethane paint

- Environmentally friendly wood composite finish in GRAY

- available in 2 different heights that can cover up the main times of trash bins

- provided with a perfume essence diffuser


- ARTISAN tailored product

- galvanized steel structure with a double layer, anti-rust and polyurethane paint

-Finish in environmentally friendly wood composite  with THICK fiber

- available in every different height and measure in order to cover up every existing type of waste bin

- provided with a perfume essence diffuser

Bio-Box is available in two different series, with the same useful features but slightly different finish in manufacturing:

What is WPC?

the Wood Plastic Composite,

also called WPC is a mixture formed by finely crushed wood and a special type of resin melt together. 

Combining these two materials wood-like planks are made, whose appearance is quite similar to natural wood with it's veins and colors, but the strength and characteristics over time are typical of a plastic resin.