Bio-box is a modular system, thought to cover garbage bins, useful to reorder waste areas, with new natural fragrances and eco-friendly finishing.


The idea was born for condominiums, but it is the right solution for every situation where it's important to reorganised the waste area.


Bio-Box is a modular system which is able to contain and cover the classic bin or the plastic bag.

The main structure and profiles are made in zinc galvanized and painted steel for outdoor use, the panels finish are made in Wpc (Wood Plastic Composite) of “grey teak” colour. All these materials are very resistant to athmospheric agent.

The Bio-Box can be linked in differents combinations: they can be lined up side by side, against a wall or assembled by shoulders in order to create an ecologic island.

The natural fragrances will permit a more suitable use reducing bad smells. Bio-Box is cleaner than your old bins.


The Wood Plastic Composite, also called WPC is a mix created with crumble wood or finely grind mixed with a special type of plastic resin.

Combining this two types of materials you can obtain slats that are similar to natural wood, with its veins and colours, but with the characteristics of resistance which are those of plastic resin.



Bio-Box is a modular bins cover solution realised in different heights: from 85cm to 200cm, depending from bins and plastic bags that you need to cover:

- Serie H85 (plastic bags)


- Serie H100 (cover 120Lt bin & plastic bags)


- Serie H115 (cover 240Lt - 120Lt bin & plastic bags)


- Serie H120 (cover 360Lt - 240Lt - 120Lt bin & plastic bags)


- Serie H200 (big quantities of extra rubbish)

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